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West Houston Obedience Club

West Houston Obedience Club is an AKC affiliate club. We hold an obedience and Rally trial once a year and organize events to support and encourage participants in the sport of dog obedience.

Obedience Trial

Held at the end of November, our annual Obedience and Rally trial is the highlight of the club's year.


Member Benefits
Members receive discounts on club training events, enjoy social gatherings and support each other at dog shows.

Joining is a great chance to meet other obedience and Rally enthusiasts and find training partners and classes.

Obedience is a participant run sport and joining WHO is a great way to give back and make sure that there will continue to be a variety of obedience events in the future.

We have volunteering opportunities within the club and for our events including our trials. Opportunities are available for every level of experience from beginner to champion.


Bootcamp Trainer


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