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Entries Open 3/01/24 @ 12pm
Entries Close 4/24/24 @ 9pm 

Richard Mullen
Kenneth Kozak

IMPORTANT: Depending upon the status of Covid-19, exhibitors may be once again required to need to sign a waiver at the show before exhibiting. Final requirements will be sent with judging schedule after close of entries.

  • Building will be available to exhibitors from 8:00am – 30 minutes after completion of show on Saturday and  7:30am - 30 minutes after completion of show on Sunday.


  • Due to Covid-19 Social distancing is in effect.

  • Please show up NO earlier than one hour before the start of your 1st class.

  • You will pick up your armbands and sign the Covid-19 release form in the undercover parking area.

  • Utility exhibitors – to expedite handling of gloves/articles by the stewards, please remove any extra items from your article bag.

  • 5 exhibitors for each ring for the current class will be allowed in the ring area (1 in the ring, 4 seated outside the ring).

  • You may crate your dogs in the building during show hours.

  • Crating your dogs in your cars are also an option.

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